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Boxer dog from Brazil to US

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  • Boxer dog from Brazil to US

    I have not yet searched for this issue in the forum. I have to move to US from Brazil.
    I have a dog, a boxer, that weights a little more then 100 pounds (he is not obese. He looks almost like a mastiff).
    And I have several questions about his transfer:
    - First, travelling: by plane is not a good solution (too big and short nose - breathing problems might happen). So, I can either drive to there, or go by ship. Am I thinking Wright?
    - Second: what is the processo? He is vaccinated (all vacines verified and proved in his vaccination booklet) and he is castrated. What forms do I have to feel, how much does it cost? Quarentine: does he have to go to upon arrival?
    - Third: I would like to be with him during the hole process (travel + entering US). He is not violent or anything, but he can be if stressed and he is very spoiled, so he will be stressed if left alone for long periods. Is is possible? That is one of the main reasons that I'm considering going by car: I'll be with him during the hole trip (or, in a cruise in a ship that would allow me to go with him in the cabin.

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    Re: Boxer dog from Brazil to US

    Hello - we do not know of a ship that will allow your pet with you in the cabin nor one that travels that route, so we would suggest traveling by car. You will need to conform to regulations in every country that you pass through, and you can find them all here:

    As for entering the US, your pet will need proof of rabies vaccination and a health certificate in English (or bi-lingual Spanish/English) as well as a screwworm test because you will pass through Colombia which is a screwworm country. This test must be administered between one and five days of entering the US, so you may have to get it done in Mexico.