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HELP travel from Philippines to US (through Japan)

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  • HELP travel from Philippines to US (through Japan)

    Hello! To those who have travelled from the Philippines to US w/ their pets, can you please tell me how to go about the process?

    I booked a flight w/ Delta and my itinerary is as follows:
    Manila to Narita, Japan
    Japan to Minneapolis
    Minneapolis to Baltimore

    I already informed Delta that I may be bring a pet dog w/ me in-cabin as it is a snub-nosed breed and they said they will reserve that slot for me. My question is what documents do I need to obtain from the Philippines apart from health certificate from the vet?

    And what are the requirements in bringing pets to Japan since all Delta flight for the day I booked will be passing through Japan? A microchip isn't a requirement in order to enter the US, but is it a requirement in Japan even though I will not be leaving the airport?

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    Re: HELP travel from Philippines to US (through Japan)

    If you are flying in and out of Japan on the same airline, then you should not need to enter the country and conform to their regulations as long as you stay in the airport and do not clear customs. As for export requirements from the Philippines, our research has not shown any requirements other then those of your destination country.