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  • From Canada to US

    Hi all,

    We will be traveling with a puppy in the cabin of a Porter Airlines flight from Canada to Dulles in Washington, DC. Then we will be driving home from DC to Maryland.

    We have the airline tickets, made with rep on the phone so confirmed that we are bringing our puppy. Since the puppy is only 10 weeks old, we also have the CDC approval letter to bring in puppy without rabies vaccination (as long as he is qurantined at home).

    I am checking with the airline to see if we also need an internation health certificate.

    Do I need to check for any other requirements? USDA? Customs in Dulles? Maryland? I've been to the USDA website, but I am still confused about what else may be required. I don't want something to go wrong and have him taken to an area of qurantine while I run around panicked trying to get help during the holiday season (between Christmas and New Year's).

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    Re: From Canada to US

    It sounds like you have everything that you will need. Remember to have your puppy vaccinated at 12 weeks.