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Cat traveling from Cambodia to Nevada

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  • Cat traveling from Cambodia to Nevada

    I brought my cat to Cambodia 11/2013 and now we are going back to Nevada. He has gotten all his vaccines since he was a kitten and I have documentation. I got his rabies and cat combo vaccines annual done and will get his health certificate from the Vet 10 days before his flight. However, I am connecting in ICN Seoul Incheon Int'l and do not know if they need anything from me in advance. When I traveled here I went through Taipei and needed me to fill out a basic form and then they gave me a PDF that I needed to print for the airport transfer. I have tried to contact ICN Seoul Incheon Int'l airport directly like I did with Taipei but they have not responded. I am flying with Korean Air and I meet the requirements to leave Cambodia and my Vet has assured me that I will have everything that Nevada will require. Does anyone know anything about the animal transfer regulations for ICN Seoul Incheon Int'l?

    Additionally, we have a 14.5 hour layover in ICN Seoul Incheon Int'l and I need to know what to do about that and traveling with my cat. The total trip will take 31h 40m (+1) so he will need to have a cat box break in Seoul. Any info on how animals are treated during long layovers? How to best plan for this?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Re: Cat traveling from Cambodia to Nevada

    If your cat is traveling in the cabin with you, there should be no requirements as long as you do not clear customs and are checked in all the way to Nevada. If your kitty is traveling as checked baggage you will need to contact Korean Air and see how your pet will be handled during the layover. Korea has significant requirements so you don't want to have to claim your pet and clear customs. If you cannot get through to a good reservations person, try calling their baggage claim. As for kitty break, you should carry a small bag of litter and a foldable container such as this one. Find a bathroom or quiet corner...keep your kitty leashed, though.


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      Re: Cat traveling from Cambodia to Nevada

      There will be no special requirement needed as I travel with my dog all the time. Recently I traveled with him to North Padre Island and it was a great trip that too without any problems and hassle. He even stayed with me at the rented house. It's always fun traveling with hm. You too have a great trip!
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