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Shared Pet Flight UK to US

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  • Shared Pet Flight UK to US

    After 5 years in London, I will be soon be relocating to the US. I am bringing my dog with me, but don't feel comfortable sending him via the cargo hold of a commercial flight. (Cunard is booked for the next year+, so that isn't an option, unfortunately.)

    Given that, I'm hoping to gather other pet-owners interested in flying a similar route so we can share a charter flight. With enough people, the cost is fairly reasonable..

    I am wondering if anyone else would be interested in this? There is a potential flight on Jan 28th with others already interested. Otherwise, I would be open to any timing between Jan + March, and am also flexible on route (anywhere UK to US/Canada would work.)

    Please let me know if you're interested and I can share more information

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    Re: Shared Pet Flight UK to US

    I`m planning to travel to the US somewhere in march. You mentioned that with enough people the cost should be ok, can you tell me how many people we need in order to pay reasonable price?


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      Re: Shared Pet Flight UK to US

      Hi McMillan

      Are you still interested? I've just sent you a private message with more information...