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From Russia (Moscow) to the USA (Denver, Colorado)

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  • From Russia (Moscow) to the USA (Denver, Colorado)

    What's the best way to bring a puppy (5 kilos) from Moscow (Russia) to Denver (Colrado) if I can not travet with him, please ?
    Would be thankful for any advice

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    Re: From Russia (Moscow) to the USA (Denver, Colorado)

    Cavalier - you may want to contact Aeroflot to discuss the best way to transport your puppy to the US. They have a non-stop flight to JFK; however, we cannot see that their service extends to Denver. In this case, you will need an agent to claim your puppy, customs clear it and check it on a flight to Denver. The other option would be to transfer from Aeroflot to Lufthansa in Munich, but you will need an agent for that option as well and your puppy will need to conform to regulations to enter Germany. (

    In either case, you will need to contact the cargo department of Aeroflot to discuss your options. To enter the United States, your puppy will need to be vaccinated for rabies no sooner than 3 months of age and wait for 30 days before entering. ( It will also need a health certificate issued within 10 days of travel. You will likely need an agent in Moscow to book the transport, but inquire about that. (

    Check with your vet about export requirements.