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Relocating to Florida from UK

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  • Relocating to Florida from UK

    Hello Everyone.

    I am looking for some advice with regards to traveling with my dog to Florida.

    My wife is a US citizen and we will be relocating from the UK to Fort Lauderdale in the new year.

    I have a 3 year old staffordshire bull terrier who i wish to bring along with me. I understand there is a Legislation that bans bull breeds in Miami Dade county - Although is will be living in Boward County (Ft lauderdale) where there is no breed specific legislation, will i not be able to fly into Miami Airport? And if so would it be ok to fly into Orlando?

    Secondly does anyone have any experiences relocating with Staffordshire Bull Terriers OR other large dogs and if so what process/Airline did they use and what was the cost?

    I am coming across many airlines who will not accept the breed - does anyone know of any who might?

    Also i am aware that there are only certain times you are able to travel do to the temperature of the country you are traveling to. Does anyone have anymore information on this.

    Thank you in advance!!


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    Re: Relocating to Florida from UK

    If you are flying anytime soon into Orlando, FLL or Miami, United may be an option as they have a program in place for the summer heat. From Miami's Dangerous Dog Ordinance: No pit bull dogs may be sold, purchased, obtained, brought into Miami-Dade County, or otherwise acquired by residents of Miami-Dade County anytime after the passage of ninety (90) days after the effective date of Ordinance Number 89-22. No such newly acquired pit bull dogs may be kept, maintained, or otherwise harbored within Miami-Dade County, and each day any such newly acquired pit bull is so kept, maintained, or harbored shall constitute a separate violation of this section.