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Travel with a service dog to GUAM from Canada

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  • Travel with a service dog to GUAM from Canada

    Hi, I am planning go there to have my weddings but I need my service dog to be with me.
    GUAM is US. Is it easy to import dog there for a week or so?

    My PTSD service dog is a chihuahua.

    I found the following information:
    How can I prepare and make sure there is no quarantine for my service dog.
    Is it I follow all the items on that page, my service dog will be safe and no problem to enter GUAM?


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    Re: Travel with a service dog to GUAM from Canada

    If you are entering Guam from the US, the best way to do so is through Hawaii. Once your pet is released, an import permit is filed and a health certificate completed. That way, there will be no quarantine when entering Guam. An agent in Hawaii is very helpful. If you need one, you may want to try


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      Re: Travel with a service dog to GUAM from Canada

      all the documentation complete then it easy to enter Guam with your dog


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        Adding a couple updates here in case someone else finds this in the future: Both Hawaii and Guam are rabies-free zones, so the pet import process will be similar BUT you have to file paperwork for each state/territory respectively.
        As of 2021, airlines are no longer legally required to allow Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) in the cabin, so pretty much all of them forbid them now. If your pet is too big to fit in the cabin, you'll need to have them travel in cargo.
        If going to Guam from the mainland US, you'll need to stop in Hawaii. Most airlines won't allow pets on flights that long, even if they're in cabin.
        I've added a link below for more resources in case it's helpful!
        Traveling to Hawaii with a pet? We'll teach you everything you need to know about moving a pet to Hawaii, even if you don't use Mokupet to help. Learn how much it'll cost, how long it takes,, the best way to travel and more.