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Take dog from Iran to US

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  • Take dog from Iran to US

    Hi every one I hope you are doing well I have some question about the small dog about 4.5 kg weight and she is 6 years old which wants come to USA from Iran .
    first if the RABIES test did in Iran in Iranian lab is it valid for US or not? Or the RABIES test must be in European labs?
    Second which airline is better for carry this dog we prefer she be inside cabin ?
    Thanks alot

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    Hi Anni - no rabies titer test required when entering the United States from any country. Your dog will need a health certificate and proof of rabies vaccination (certificate or government-issued vaccination booklet). The rabies vaccination must be administered more than 28 days before entering the US. Step-by-step instructions are here: [url][/url]. As for the airlines, the "best" airline is the one that flies the route most directly and entirely into the US. Changing airline companies will cause you problems. Fly into any large, international US airport, clear customs, then proceed to your final destination.


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      Hi Susan thanks alot. You really save my time and money.because in Iran the vets told me your need have this blood test or they will take your dog in airport and you never see it again and this test must be done in abroad . I was really confused thanks alot you help me alot.


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        Anni - we do not know what the export procedures are for Iran, but we cannot imagine that they would require a rabies titer test for pets traveling to the US. You may want to contact customs and ask. Telephone: +982188932057-9 Website: [url][/url] just to be sure.