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Gemany to JFK pet transport question

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  • Gemany to JFK pet transport question

    I am trying to find an answer to my quesiton. My daughter is flying from Berlin Germany to JFK in December with her 8 year old dog. The dog has a licensed Vet form completed, and has had her rabies shots, the problem is her blood test is not showing the proper rabies antibodies, the vet gave her a booster, but they won't know if the anti bodies will increase for 30 days and there might be a chance it still will not change, will this be a problem? also she just adopted the dog 3 months ago from a shelter so they have no proof that they have had the dog for 6 months and the dog was only at the shelter for a few weeks after finding it as a stray (no 6 month history). Does this pose a problem? The dog is a 15 LB ****zu

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    Re: Gemany to JFK pet transport question

    Hello Levbanker - the US will not require a titer test for entry. Dogs from Germany do not even require rabies vaccinations, although they are recommended and will be required if the puppy will become a resident of the United States. If your daughter is traveling with the puppy, there will be no problem entering the countrys. It should travel with a health certificate and should be microchipped before any vaccinations and before leaving Germany.