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Help! Taking 2 dogs on vacation from CDG to JFK. What docs are required (both ways)

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  • Help! Taking 2 dogs on vacation from CDG to JFK. What docs are required (both ways)

    We are driving with our 2 Yorkshire Terriers to Paris to enable them to fly in-cabin with us on a vacation to the USA. We are flying in September from Charles de Gaulle, Paris to JFK, New York and returning early November from JFK, New York to CDG.
    Both dogs have EU Pet Passports. Mouse's was issued when Rabies Anti-body Titration Test was mandatory, Barney has NOT had the Titration Test.
    I am finding it very difficult to find out what exactly I need to ensure the trip goes without a hitch.
    Paris to JFK: Do I need a 'fitness to travel' certification and if yes, is it sufficient for the relevant section of the passport to be completed? Can this be done by any vet? Is there a time constraint eg no longer than x many days before travel ? What are the requirements (other than passport) for entering the USA?
    JFK to France: Is completion of the 'fitness to travel' section in the passport sufficient or do I need specific forms/documentation? Can this be done by a regular vet or does there need to be some other endorsement. If yes, what are they and how do I get them? Is there an outside time limit on how long before we fly this can be done?
    Re-entering France: Is there any further documentation I need to obtain/complete for re-entry into France?

    One further thing. Mouse's 'fitness to travel' section or passport is full. Do I need a new passport or is there a certificate/form which can be printed?

    I've been searching for days so would really appreciate any help you can give me.

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    Re: Help! Taking 2 dogs on vacation from CDG to JFK. What docs are required (both way

    Mouse and Barney - to leave France to come to the US, your pets will both need to be microchipped, then vaccinated for rabies at least 21 days prior to travel. Both of them will need updated EU Pet Passports issued by your vet. If your pet's pages are full, get them a new pet passport as new regulations will require that. A titration test is not required to enter the US or re-enter France unless you are stopping in a high-rabies country, which you are not. The US will accept your EU Pet Passport as will France upon your return (unless rabies boosters expire when in the US). Nothing else will be required unless your airline calls for a health certificate.