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Timeline between Rabies vaccine and titer?

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  • Timeline between Rabies vaccine and titer?

    Does anyone know how long, if any time, do we have to wait between the rabies and vaccine and the titer for canine exportation to England? I know APHIS recommends 30 days but I'm trying to do this as quickly as possible.


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    If it is the pets first vaccination you need to wait 21 days. If it is a booster shot then no wait is required. However, it must be done in this order.
    Microchip first, then rabies vaccination, then blood draw. The reason for the wait is to make sure there are sufficient anti bodies in the blood stream so that you get a positive test result.


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      The waiting time for the blood test is often prescribed by the manufacturer of the rabies vaccine. This is no less than 21 but could be up to 30 days. The test at KSU (one of 2 EU approved labs in the US) can take up to 5 weeks (their estimate as of last week), but the date to start the 6-month countdown starts from the date the blood sample was taken. Make sure you keep a record of the original vaccine because that determines when the booster is required.