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2 dogs to UK

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  • 2 dogs to UK

    Help !!! I am travelling sooner than expected. One dog is chipped and vaccinated till next year , is from California and have only had 3 months when travel .. is that o.k????
    The other was rabies vac before I had chipped . Rabies runs out August when in UK . Do I need to boost now? I travel 20th May !less than 21 days .. Is that o.k? I can find no help anywhere.

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    Re: 2 dogs to UK

    Hello - your pups will both need to be vaccinated after being microchipped. Then there is a 30 days wait until your vet does a blood titer test. You can enter the UK 3 calendar months after the date that the blood was drawn without quarantine. Otherwise, you will need to make reservations for quarantine in the UK. Let us know if you need additional information.