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JFK to CDG Paris on Air France

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  • JFK to CDG Paris on Air France


    Im looking to fly my Dog back to the UK via Paris at beginning of May.

    I would like to know has anyone done this and did anyone have any trouble getting from Calais to UK with the third country vet certificate?
    Also does the Vet need to sign and stamp the forms after the Worming has been completed (4 days before) or can the Vet stamp and Sign the forms within the 10 days then the worming is done after?
    And has anyone had an experience of flying their dog in cabin on air france? would love to know the experience and how you dealt with it?


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    Re: JFK to CDG Paris on Air France

    Hi - I can't really help you but I have very similar questions and concerns although we are looking to go Canada - UK - France! I'll be interested to see the answers you get! If I find out anything else, I'll pass it on


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      Re: JFK to CDG Paris on Air France

      Hello - you can find a really good blog post on this procedure here:

      Unless you are doing a commercial transport, your vet can sign the forms before the tapeworm test is done. If you are traveling from the US or Canada, the USDA or CFIA respectively need to endorse the Annex II form.

      We have not heard any complaints regarding Air France.