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Pet Passport vs. Third Country Veterinary Certificate

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  • Pet Passport vs. Third Country Veterinary Certificate


    My 9 yr old Boxer and I will be relocating to Glouster, England. I've been doing some research into the process and have come across reference to both a Pet Passport and a Third Country Veterinary Certificate. What is the difference? Will I need both? Thank you!!

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    Re: Pet Passport vs. Third Country Veterinary Certificate

    Hello Kristin - it is important to know where you and your pet are relocating to England from. If you are currently located in the US, Canada or Mexico, you are located in a Third Country which means you will not need a Blood Titer Test to enter the UK. That said, you will need to follow this process strictly: first have your pet microchipped with a 15 digit ISO 11785 compliant microchip, then your pet must be vaccinated for rabies (in that order - but it can be done in the same vet visit) at least 21 days prior to entering the UK. If your pet had a current rabies vaccination prior to the microchip insertion, then your vet will simply revaccinate after the insertion and you do not have to wait the 21 days. Within 10 days of travel, a USDA accredited veterinarian will complete an Annex II form for England which will be endorsed by your State USDA office. (If you are not entering the UK from the US, then you need to have the Governmental Authority responsible for the import and export of animals endorse the forms.) Your Boxer will need a tapeworm test between one and five days of entering the UK. All of the documentation that you take with you will make up what we call a "pet passport." Once in the UK, you can get a "blue pet passport" that will allow you to travel in the EU freely.
    If you are located in another country that may have a high incidence of rabies, your pet will require a Blood Titer test one month after vaccination and 3 months prior to entry. You can find lists of these countries here: If you need instructions and forms necessary to take your Boxer to the UK, you can find them here:
    Hope this helps. Susan