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Taking with me my 2 dogs from Brazil to the UK

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  • Taking with me my 2 dogs from Brazil to the UK

    Hi everyone
    We are moving back to the Uk, after many years in Brazil. We would like to take our two dogs home with us of course. The information is not very clear in how best to do that as the Pet Passport does not apply to Brazil if Iíve understood correctly. I would be grateful for any help understanding all this. My dogs are not young so they would never survive quarantine and we could never leave them behind as it would break their hearts. Many thanks

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    Re: Taking with me my 2 dogs from Brazil to the UK

    Lvmeucci - you can find step-by-step requirements to import a dog, cat or ferret to the UK here and there are links to further instructions and required forms on the page: We refer to a "pet passport" as the collection of documents required to import a pet to a foreign country. In your case, it would be the EU health certificate, Declaration of Non-Commercial Transport, Microchip Certificate and Tapeworm Certificate. If the requirements on this page are met, then there will be no quarantine when entering the United Kingdom. Let us know if you have more questions..


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      Re: Taking with me my 2 dogs from Brazil to the UK

      Dogs and cats leaving Brazil must have a licensed veterinarian from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply issue an International Veterinary Certificate (CVI) after seeing a health certificate from a licensed veterinarian. Pet owners should be prepared to submit both documents to the airline upon departure. All documentation required for the destination country must be provided.

      To enter or return to the EU from Brazil you need either a third-country (Brazil) official veterinary certificate and any other documents listed on it, but pet passport is not included. Read more about pet passport.

      It's suggested to contact your airline to make sure whether you can transport two dogs. Considering your dogs' age, it's better to take them into the cabin, but every person only allows to get an ESA dog and take it into the cabin, unless the dogs are approved by the licensed doctor and airlines. Read more: