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Bringing cat to UK from Saudi Arabia

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  • Bringing cat to UK from Saudi Arabia

    At some point in the (hopefully near) future, I want to bring my cat with us from Saudi back home to the UK. He was born here in Saudi. Has all the necessary vaccinations, but as Saudi is not part of the Pet Passport scheme I believe he has to go into quarantine for 6 months.
    My questions are; Has anyone heard that Saudi may become included in the Pet Passport Scheme? - DEFRA and agencies over here are rather vague on this - I just wondered as the vet here (UK trained) hinted that this may become a possibility and told me to keep checking the DEFRA website.....
    Where on earth do I start looking for a really good quarantine placement? are they as grim as they appear on the websites?
    Am seriously worried how this cat is going to survive the boredom of being confined for 6 months!!!! Would it be kinder to try and rehome him?
    thanks for any advice on this matter.

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    Re: Bringing cat to UK from Saudi Arabia

    I think it unlikely that Defra will change it current policy as relates to Saudi Arabia.

    All of the quarantine facilities in the UK are privately owned and they come both fancy and plain depending on what you are willing to pay. You can of course visit your cat at any time during the six month quarantine. As to how your pet will respond to being in the quarantine center is something I cannot comment on. It is just my personal belief that if you have the proper person to give the cat go that might be the better solution.



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      Re: Bringing cat to UK from Saudi Arabia

      Hello again. So since I posted back in May, I have now learnt that quarantine in the UK as it stands now is due to change on the 1st of Jan 2012.... I have a few questions re; timing of vaccinations and bloods etc.
      My cat had his first rabies vaccination one week before he was microchipped - does this matter as he has had a subsequent booster rabies vaccination?
      In order for him to fly out January, can I have the blood tests done here in Saudi (think their sent to Europe?) 3 months before? - his booster was done in February this year?
      Can I fly him out September to the UK and have him blood tested and quarantined in UK until 1st Jan 2012 (assuming he is clear obviously), as 3 months being in cat prison seems preferable to 6 months. I have read and reread the DEFRA website guidelines, but just need clarification from someone who knows the system. thanks for your help, do appreciate it.