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Bringing my dog from Brazil to the UK

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  • Bringing my dog from Brazil to the UK


    I understand that I need to obtain a Third Country Official Veterinary Certificate to bring my dog to the UK, as Brazilian Pet Passports are not recognised by the British government. However, can I get this from any vet or are there only certain listed vets that may give me this document? If so, where can I find out which vets are recognised? Similarly, are there any restrictions on which vets may administer the rabies vaccine, blood test, microchipping etc.?

    I intend to move back to the UK with my dog, not simply visit. Does this change anything with regards to documentation?

    Any help would be seriously appreciated,

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    Re: Bringing my dog from Brazil to the UK

    Joshua - if you need the non-commercial EU health certificate, you can find links to it here: http:/ The passport package includes instructions to complete the form for your vet. Your vet must be licensed in Brazil and the form must be endorsed by a government vet. The blood sample must be processed in an EU approved lab. This information is included in the pet passport package. The rules will be the same whether you are entering the UK as a resident or a visitor except for VAT which will be refunded after the Transfer of Residency Form is completed, filed and processed.