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Starting a commercial dog transporter

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  • Starting a commercial dog transporter

    Hi all, first post from me.

    I am looking for advice regarding the commercial movement of dogs from EU countries, specifically Bulgaria, into the UK. I am doing it with rescue in mind and realise there's a massive demand for it given I've put about 15 rescued street dogs onto a transporter to UK from Bulgaria. Obviously, I'd ask them but they wouldn't want to give info to a potential competitor. I know the demand is there because 1.) I would have to wait for ages for a space for my rescued dogs to come over (often 2 or 3 months) and 2.) the prices are very high.

    Could anyone at all help me with what I need to do in order to establish a transporter (UK-based). Here's my plan so far: buy 2x Iveco Daily xlwb vans, both less than 1 year old <2000 mileage (1 as a backup incase the other breaks down mid-route- safety of dogs first!). Buying the vans is the easy part - but I am aware I think I am required to have a DEFRA-approved premises/kennels in the UK as well as registered kennels in Bulgaria? Although some transporters i know are delivering straight to adopter's homes (presumably on the TRACES registered to the pet's rehomed house?)

    1.) Do I have to have registered kennels both sides?
    2.) Can I not just drop off dogs to adopter's houses en-route like other ones I've seen?

    If anyone could provide a big breakdown of what I need to consider - that would be really helpful. I understand what TRACES is, but I'm aware there's more than one type so I would be very grateful if someone could explain that too.

    I hope someone can help me

    Many thanks, and barks.

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    Re: Starting a commercial dog transporter

    James - according to EU regulations, the shipper of cats and dogs being rehomed must be registered in the originating country. If you are importing dogs to the UK, they must arrive as air cargo and collected by a licensed agent to be delivered to the Animal Reception Center for processing. Airlines can use a designated agent or sometimes, an owner can get their own agent. Then there is the final delivery to a commercial or residential address from the ARC if that is part of the transport. The agent that does that should be licensed with DEFRA.