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Bringing Dogs Thru Customs in Paris

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  • Bringing Dogs Thru Customs in Paris

    We're flying into Paris, then driving into the UK. Snub nosed dogs are not allowed to fly in cargo into the UK.
    Does anyone have experience of taking their dog thru the Paris customs process? Is there a separate area that we go to? Aside from reviewing the required paperwork are there any other steps to the process of clearing customs? We will have a pet transport service picking us up once we have our bags. Then driving directly into the UK.
    Any insight is appreciated.

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    Re: Bringing Dogs Thru Customs in Paris

    Clearing customs in France should not be a hassle as long as you have proof of current rabies vaccination administered after a microchip is implanted and a non-commercial EU health certificate for France. Just claim your luggage and proceed to customs. Both you and your pet will clear customs together.