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Cat in Cabin from LA to UK

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  • Cat in Cabin from LA to UK

    I'd like to bring a cat into the UK from LA, North America. (Via Bruxelles so she can be in the cabin with me)

    Am I right that there are two crucial points?

    1. I book the passenger ticket online as normal (making sure the airline chosen allows pets in cabin) and then contact the airline to book the cat in as excess baggage?

    2. Is this the correct, up to date requirements for paper work to fulfill the trip? Can one local vet provide all of this?

    1. ISO Microchip
    2. Rabies Vaccine (Minimum 21 days prior to travel, but after microchip)
    3. EU Annex IV veterinary Certificate (CFIDA endorsed)
    4. EU Declaration Form (non-commercial transit)
    5. Official Health Certificate issued by vet and endorsed by CFIDA valid for 10 days (Valid for 4 months once in the EU, or up to Rabies vaccine validity, which ever date is earlier)

    Can the carrier be soft, as I know under seat space is limited...

    Is there anything else I need to do? I now have brain-freeze :O

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    Re: Cat in Cabin from LA to UK

    petsRule - you have done research, for sure, but it is not as complicated. Find a USDA-accredited vet (just ask when you call if the vet is accredited by the USDA.). Have your cat microchipped with a 15 digit microchip and vaccinated for rabies no sooner than 12 weeks of age. (same vet visit is fine). You can enter Belgium 21 days after the day of vaccination. (do not count the vaccination day.) Within 10 days of travel, your vet will complete the non-commercial EU health certificate (which replaced the Annex IV) for endorsement by your State USDA office. That's it!

    Definitely use a soft carrier. These are all airline compliant. Actually, the SturdiBag is the best carrier for cats as the mesh is thicker and it is super light.


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      Re: Cat in Cabin from LA to UK

      Thanl you so much, Susan. You have made all the difference