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Alternatives to London Heathrow

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  • Alternatives to London Heathrow

    Hello, I'm trying to plan to bring our dog back to the UK from NZ. Any ideas how I can avoid the Heathrow entry fees. I have been trying to find out what the Amsterdam or Paris ones are but not having much luck. I saw you can cross from Dieppe to Newhaven in one thread, I suppose Dieppe isn't that far from Paris. All sounds very complicated. Any advice much appreciated.

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    Re: Alternatives to London Heathrow

    Hello 4Alfie - you can fly into Paris and take the train to Calais and take a pet friendly ferry (P&O?) to England or fly into Amsterdam, then take the train to Rotterdam and take a pet friendly ferry (which is a longer route, but we understand is a nice experience.) Ask Stena or P&O whether they will accommodate foot traffic. This is all assuming that your pet is not a large dog.

    If you can get a friend or relative with a car to meet you in Calais, then you can take Le Shuttle. The customs clearance to the UK is on the French side.