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Travelling with a cat to the uk

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  • Travelling with a cat to the uk

    I am planning to fly my cat from Tunisia to France and then onward by train and then ferry to the U.K. Can any one please tell me wether this would be too much stress for my cat. The travel would be over 2 days, 9 hours the first and then 6-9 the second? Would this be too traumatising, Is there anything you can recommend? will it less stressful for him to go by plane? ( at least he will be with me)

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    Re: Travelling with a cat to the uk

    Hello - if your cat flies into the UK directly, then it will need to fly as air cargo, so your present plan is likely going to be the best for your kitty even though it is longer. That said, it is difficult to answer your question not knowing your cat's past travel history and whether it is acclimated to its carrier. It is the best thing you can do to get your kitty used to being in its carrier.