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Relocating from Norway to the UK

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  • Relocating from Norway to the UK


    I am moving from Norway to London with my dog. After doing some research, this seems to me to be the best way to travel:
    Fly from Norway to Amsterdam, take train to Hook of Holland, take a Stena Line ferry to Harwick and then another train to London.
    I have also read up on what vaccinations my dog will need. He has already been given the rabies shot and I have made an appointment for him to get a tapeworm shot three days before we leave. He also has a valid European passport with all his information.

    What I am now wondering is whether I will have to pay a fee to get him into Amsterdam/London. Has anyone here got any experience with traveling with pets to any of these countries? I think I read somewhere that in Amsterdam you have to pay a dog tax when you arrive. I am also wondering whether there are any forms I will need to fill out before traveling. If anyone has any information to share with me on the subject, I would greatly appreciate it!

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    Re: Relocating from Norway to the UK

    Sirius - we are not familiar with fees to enter the Netherlands; doubt they are sizeable if you are traveling with a personal pet. You did not mention a microchip. Your pup needs to have a current rabies vaccination administered after a microchip is implanted and not sooner than 21 days before travel. If your dog has an EU Pet Passport with that information recorded in it, and your vet does a tapeworm treatment, you should be good to go.