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Best airline to travel with pets?

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  • Best airline to travel with pets?

    I flew both of my cats from the NYC to London in 2007 on Virgin Atlantic. They were in the hold, which is heated and separate from luggage. The customer service was great and both cats were fine. However, I am now moving back to the US with one of my cats (the other passed away whilst I was living here).

    I have read all of the posts on this thread and have been worrying like crazy about the best way to transport my cat (who is now nearly 16) from London to Los Angeles. There are no direct flights that will allow me to take her in cabin but knowing her personality I think she might be better off in a larger crate (where she will sleep) in the hold rather than in the cabin anyway where she will probably meow if she keeps hearing people around...

    My concern is that it's an 11 hour flight and I know I'll be worrying the entire time. Has anyone flown Virgin (or any other recommended airlines) for this amount of time with a pet? Do you think it's better to just get the flight over with one direct flight? I considered stoping in NY for a day or two to break things up but she will be scared in a strange place regardless so I do feel it might just be best to do it in one go.

    Any advice would be most appreciated.

    To those who would never fly with a pet, sometimes it cannot be avoided so you guys should check the Discounts, Sales and ***** Codes for Pets and their Items from 1800petmeds Coupons Leaving a pet behind is unthinkable for me and would be far worse then bringing them with you when you relocate!

    Thanks all.