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Embargoes during COVID?

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  • Embargoes during COVID?

    I'm trying to move to the UK with my lab, who is about 87 lbs. I've been on the UK website, met with the vet, done all the stuff, but now I'm trying to book his flight and I'm having a ton of trouble.

    1. UK gov only allows certain airlines to land at certain airports, so I'm coming from Canada and that puts me down to basically Air Canada, Lufthansa, KLM, Delta, Air France, British Airways.
    2. British airways only does cargo, no dogs in the hold
    3. Air Canada won't take him if the carrier + dog weighs more than 100lbs
    4. KLM will not let you transfer in Amsterdam, and if your layover is more than 3 hrs you have to take the dog out and recheck
    5. Air France will only let you fly through Paris-Orly, not CDG, with a pet
    6. KLM and Air France currently have an 'embargo' on pets due to COVID?

    For all the work I've done, I'm thinking that my retriever cannot fly with me and will need to go by pet cargo to the UK.

    Does this sound true to everyone else? Or is there something that I've missed that could get him on the plane with me??


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    Suggitt2017 - unless your dog is a service dog trained by a nationally-recognized training organization, all commercial airlines will require that your dog fly as air cargo and you should be contacting their cargo department for further details. This is a long-standing requirement imposed due to handling procedures once on the ground. Your Lab will be taken from the aircraft to the Animal Reception Center by either an agent or an employee of the ARC for processing and this is where you will claim your dog. This facility is on airport grounds but not in the terminal. Almost all airlines (except AC) require that an "known shipping agent" book the transport as air cargo. If the airline you choose requires an agent, then you can search for one at We are located in the US and not the best agent to assist you.


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      Thank you so much, Susan. I'll be looking into that from Canada.