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Adopting a Rescue dog from Turkey travelling to UK

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  • Adopting a Rescue dog from Turkey travelling to UK

    Hello I am adopting a dog from Turkey via the PETS scheme and the charity I am adopting through has informed me that they used to bring the dogs over using the Bali Directive scheme but since Nov Turkey imposed a ban on all commercial travel so they were coming to the UK using the pet travel scheme albeit with their transporters whose names their passports were put in. However I am concerned as I have been advised that this is illegal. The charity are not transporting at the moment due to Turkey being in lockdown so everything is up in the air at the moment. Does anyone know what if any the risks or implications would be if I agree to allow the charity to import the dog in this way ? Or would there be better alternatives?

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    Kate - the Pet Travel Scheme only applies to non-commercial (accompanied) travel. if the owner is not entering the UK with or within 5 days of the owner, then the Pet Travel Scheme will not apply. If your pet is traveling unaccompanied or for adoption through an agency, then the transport is classified as commercial and subject to the regulations of the Belai Directive. Turkey is very strict regarding the import/export of live animals as air cargo at the moment we understand that commercial transport of pets is very limited.