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Cat from Bangkok Thailand to Montreal Canada

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  • Cat from Bangkok Thailand to Montreal Canada

    My questions are not about rules and regulations for bringing my cat. All this as been done.

    I am able to bring him in the cabin with me. Is is the lenght of the trip that worry me.

    I will leave my apartment 4 hours before the flight, the flight will take 12 hours to Paris, in Paris there is a 2 hours wait for the next flight to Montreal and a 9 hours flight. Upon arriving I think that it might be an other 2 to 3 hours before I finally arrive at my destination. So a total of a possible 30 hours.

    Here are my questions: When should I feed him before leaving. 4 hours before leaving the house or just before leaving the house. The same with water?

    During the trip should I feed him at all, if yes when. What about water.

    I will be bringing pads for the bottom of his bag to change just in case.

    Thank your for any help you can give me

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    Re: Cat from Bangkok Thailand to Montreal Canada

    You can feed your pet, but best if at least 2-3 hours before travel. Water should be given as well. Your cat will most likely not eat while traveling. Best not to stimulate bowels. Feed your kitty once you get to your destination.