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Cat travelling first time from Dubai to Montreal - lots of questions :(

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  • Cat travelling first time from Dubai to Montreal - lots of questions :(

    Hello all,

    So happy that i have found this forum. I have a few concerns as well and i'll just put them all here in one thread.

    I am getting closer and closer to move with my cat back to Montreal and to be honest I am more stressed about his well being than any other moving concern. It will be our first trip with a pet and his first experience of this kind and I hope he will manage well. We will be travelling with Lufthansa in about a month. He is pretty big to take him in the cabin with us (under the seat) so he will travel as checked-in baggage, in the baggage compartment of the plane.

    Regarding the documentation he has up to date vaccinations (including rabies), micro-chip, passport and vaccination booklet, much more than what Canada asks. So for his arrival he's already good to go and for UAE we still need to get the export certificate. It is still not clear if he needs any documents for Germany as well (as the transit country)? We did not confirm the date of travel yet so we might change air carriers (from Lufthansa to Air Canada) or not. If we do need extra documents what will those documents be? I heard of Fit to Travel Certificate, De-worming + Flee Certificate and Health Check done within 10 days of travel. Does he really need all that or the UAE export certificate and what he has already will suffice?

    Regarding the actual travelling, how will the airline handle him especially during the transit time? Is there a security fast track for animals? Do the animals need to go through x-ray screening? Will they give him water and feed him? (it will be an 18h+ travel). Should I leave a small bag with his favourite food outside the crate? The water would be a problem since right now in Dubai it is so hot, it will stay frozen just for a few minutes. Also from where would I have to check him in - from the same passenger terminal where i check in or from the cargo terminal? Does Dubai or Abu-Dhabi Airport allow live animals on the passenger terminal? (animals here are not very common, not like in Europe or Canada)

    Regarding his crate, I thought that we bought the right one from the very beginning but although it was quite expensive it is not IATA approved. Now, after I have done my homework, I hope we'll get the right one. But just to make sure, besides having the right specifications, how would i make sure that it is IATA approved? Should it be from specific companies or is there a IATA booklet with a specific stamp?

    Lastly, this is a more general and really newbie question. It is about his chip. What is the exact information inside? I ask because if it does have information about a physical address then it should be changed too although I'm not quite sure how that can be done, so I hope it is not the case.

    Is there anything else which I should take into consideration?

    Thank you very much for all the useful information you provide here, for taking the time to read my long message and answer my questions. Good luck to all travelling pet owners out there!!

    Owner of a cute but naughty little domestic tiger