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Scotland to Canada with 5 dogs

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  • Scotland to Canada with 5 dogs

    It's very quiet in here but i'll ask my question.

    I'm going to work in alberta in may but won't be moving lock/stock until september.
    I have 3 collies and my wife has 2 gsp's. They'll all be coming with us.

    Given that this is quite a few dogs to go at once what advice would you give as to best way to approach the flight?
    I know to fly them as excess baggage is cheapest but I'm pretty thier weight&cage would make them too heavy so cargo may be the only option.

    This'll be a one way trip so while cost is obviously an issue, what's best for us and the dogs is at the top of the list.

    Would it be better to use a dedicated dog travel firm or DIY? The travel firm while more expensive does take alot of the stress out of the logistics as I'll be travelling with my wife and 1 year-old plus we've immigration to get through.

    Any thoughts please?

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    Re: Scotland to Canada with 5 dogs

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      Re: Scotland to Canada with 5 dogs

      You are correct in that 5 dogs would probably exceed the maximum number of pets allowed to travel as checked baggage by your airline. The decision of whether you do this yourselves or enlist the services of a pet transporter is up to your individual needs. You can hire a transporter to deliver door to door or drop off your dogs at the airport and you pick up on the other side or vice versa. Obviously, this will add to your cost.

      One of the main problems with shipping a lot of pets is the verification that the transport is not commercial in nature, so, even if you enlist the services of a transporter, I would either drop them off at your present location or pick your pets up in Alberta. If you decide to do this yourself, be sure and find the most direct route and keep your pets on the same airline as the airlines do not interline pets.

      Your pets will need to be vaccinated against rabies at least 21 days prior to entering Canada. If you need any forms and instructions, you can find them here:

      If you need a free quote for transporting your pets, you can fill in your details here and we would be happy to discuss your needs:


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        Re: Scotland to Canada with 5 dogs

        i recently made the trip from Glasgow to Canada with my dog (2 months ago) and it couldn't have went more smoothly! Although i do appreciate i was traveling alone with one dog.

        Dogs do not have to be vaccinated against rabies if they have been resident in the UK for 3 years i think it is. All you need is a certificate from uk that states dogs come from a non rabies country. This is found on the fit to fly certificate.

        I did not use a dedicated travel company as i found there prices far too expensive for something that could be done myself. If it is Glasgow airport you are flying from then the staff there are extremely helpful in getting you dog onboard, member of staff even came on before take off to let me know that my dog was onboard and was ok!

        If i can answer any more questions for you then please get in touch, Linzi