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Bringing Bird to Toronto from Greece

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  • Bringing Bird to Toronto from Greece

    I am planning to take my pet bird back home to Toronto. I have combed the entire CFIA website and am aware of their requirements for importing non-endangered species. After a lot of searching I finally found an airline to transport my bird in the Cabin, Turkish Airlines allows in-cabin travel from Athens via Istanbul to Toronto. However I don't have many choices for dates. I need to get the import permit /quarantine location approved and I would appreciate any help or tips with your experience in filling out the Import form so that I avoid making common mistakes that cause delays. I tried to call the office of Animal health to get this resolved but it only takes me to a voicemail. I also wanted to know if my home would be alright as a location for the 45 day quarantine after arrival. Please share your experience with me on this - For over a month I have been calling airlines to find transport for my bird, most airlines have refused any live animal on board and even in Cargo, so I am very thankful that I have got an opportunity but I need to act fast and get all the paperwork done in time.
    Also, I am now looking for an appropriate travel carrier size in cms 23Hx30Wx40L. I am worried about passing through security for my little bird. It gets super agitated if I try to grab takes some time to get him and I worry how long I will have to hold him while they put the carrier into the x ray machine. Does anyone have any ideas for travel carrier and how to handle the security situation with a bird?

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    Gigi - we have a great bird carrier in our store: [url][/url]. Not sure how much it would be to ship it to you, though. According to Canadian regulations, to import a bird from the EU which is not an Avian-free area, your bird will be subject to 45 days of quarantine. Their terms state: "Once in Canada, pet birds must be quarantined for a minimum of 45 days. During this time, a CFIA inspector will visit to verify that the birds are healthy and that there are no signs of disease.

    Pre-approval of the quarantine is necessary (before the issuance of the import permit). Contact the CFIA Area Import Office in the province where you plan to reside to arrange for the inspection and approval of your proposed Canadian premises for the quarantine of the birds.

    Upon receipt of both the above information and a report approving your premises for the quarantine of the birds, the office will be in a position to consider issuance of the import permit.

    So the premise where quarantine will be served must be approved in advance. We see no requirement that the premise must be a government facility.