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Bringing my dog from Cambodia to Canada

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  • Bringing my dog from Cambodia to Canada

    I am hoping to bring my dog on a Korean Airlines flight from Phnom Penh via Seoul and Chicago to Winnipeg, Canada. There is a 3 and a half hour layover in Chicago and I am wondering if there is any problem having my dog in transit there, as there would be a change of planes in Chicago. Would I have to claim him in Chicago and check in again on the different airline? Are there restrictions in Chicago concerning animals in transit? I have all the necessary documentation .... my concern is what happens when I land in Chicago. It is difficult to find someone here who speaks English well enough to understand my question. I don't want to end up in Chicago and find there is a quarantine requirement or some such thing there.

    Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Bringing my dog from Cambodia to Canada

    If you are staying on the same airline in and out of Chicago, the airlines should hold your dog and transit it. You should confirm this with the airlines, especially if your pet is traveling as checked baggage. (find out the number for the KA office in Chicago.) Also, at the ticket counter, make sure they check your dog all the way through to Winnipeg. Watch out for high temperatures if you are traveling any time before mid September. they need to be under 85 degrees F on every city on the route.

    If you need to claim your pet and clear customs, then you will need to show proof of rabies vaccination and a health certificate for your pet. (You should already have those.) There is also a screwworm treatment that must take place between one and five days of travel that veterinary officials will want to see proof of. If all is covered, you will not have a problem with quarantine unless your dog has any other health issue that would surface during inspection.