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Cat traveling from the UK to Chile

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  • Cat traveling from the UK to Chile

    Hi everyone!
    I'm having a few issues with arranging travel for my cat end of June from London to Chile. Because I'm traveling with TAM/LAN, they don't transport pets from the UK and their Cargo service doesn't take live animals unless it's on direct flights. My flight is London - Sao Paulo - Santiago.
    Has anyone used any of the pet transport companies based in the UK? Any that are recommended? Any that are definitely not?
    I've asked for a few quotes but haven't had a reply yet. Does anyone know how much the transport would cost? I'm taking care of all the vaccines, paperwork, etc myself.
    Many thanks!

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    Re: Cat traveling from the UK to Chile

    Luis - you are looking for an agent to book the transport of your pet on another airline? You can find licensed pet transporters at