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El Salvador to Prague-French Bulldog :)

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  • El Salvador to Prague-French Bulldog :)

    I'm planning a move to Prague this fall and I'm trying by all means possible to take my frenchie (Fiona) with me.
    So far I've contacted almost every major airline that flies from El Salvador to Europe (via US and South America) and all of them have informed me that they don't take snub-nosed animals.
    The best luck I've had is with Iberia, who informed me they don't have any restrictions for the breed. I have planned an itinerary that would be as follows:

    (direct flight), Fiona would travel as checked baggage in the same flight as me.
    Would get all the papers from my vet who has experience. Since I want to travel mid-september, I would start the process in early June (which is very soon).
    Then, spend a few days in Madrid and take another flight (direct) from Madrid to Prague or if I can't find a decent connection, maybe Lufthansa direct to Frankfurt/Berlin and then train to Prague.

    I would like your opinions about this arrangements and any other suggestions about this trip. I'm anxious as you would understand and would like some experienced voices chipping in


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    Re: El Salvador to Prague-French Bulldog

    Fiona - your plan certainly can work as long as requirements for entering Spain are met. There is a flight through JFK with a change of airlines direct to Prague, but on Avianca and Czech Airlines. Did you verify that Czech Airlines will not accept Bulldogs?


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      Re: El Salvador to Prague-French Bulldog

      Thanks for your reply!
      Avianca does not accept French Bulldogs-I checked.
      I haven't spoken with Czech airlines but My main concern is getting fiona out of america and into Europe,
      then if need be I'll walk with her!

      Since I'll be doing it myself, I would like to know if there are some extra tips about the crate/papers and forms that have to be attached to it.

      thanks again! your site is incredibly helpful


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        Re: El Salvador to Prague-French Bulldog

        All original forms are attached to your pet's crate. (use a Zip lock type bag and attach to crate. Mark it "ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS - DO NOT REMOVE") You will need the Annex IV bi-lingual form for Spain. Your airlines may require an additional health certificate issued within 10 days of travel.