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Los Angeles to Saigon, Transiting through Taipei

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  • Los Angeles to Saigon, Transiting through Taipei

    Hi all,

    Have read the postings from other travelers bringing their animals through Taiwan, so thank you very much for posting the Transit Permit link! I pored over the Eva Air website (the airline I am using) and that wasn't listed on there so it was really helpful to find.

    I have a couple questions that I didn't see answered in other posts:

    -I will be bringing my animal on board in the cabin (9 lb dog) in a carrier. Since I will have him with me when I enter the airport, does anyone know how the transit process works when you are hand-carrying an animal? Will I just show my paperwork and then he will hang out with me while I wait for our next connection, or will we have to stay in a quarantine area of the airport for the duration of the layover? My layover is 4 hours - I hope this is enough time?

    -Additionally, I haven't seen any references to an animal relief area in the Taipei airport. I imagine after a 12 hour flight my guy will be looking for a toilet. Any helpful suggestions?

    Thank you!
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    Re: Los Angeles to Saigon, Transiting through Taipei

    Lethrice - it is our understanding that Eva Airlines does not transport pets in the cabin. They are a good airline for transiting pets through Taiwan as this airport is difficult to transit. You may want to contact them for additional details.