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A question to ask your pet transportation companies

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  • A question to ask your pet transportation companies

    We are moving our dog from South Africa to the UK in August and from discussing our options with various pet movers it seems that some will crate our dog up to 9 hours before the flight. Granted, they have to be with the cargo company at least four hours prior to take-off but I was quite shocked that some were suggesting, very matter of factly, that our dog would be crated up to five hours prior to this. In our case it would result in our dog being in his crate, without a break, for 20 hours for an 11 hour flight.

    Obviously we are basing our choice of movers on which will crate him closest to departure, but some of the customer service agents at pet transportation companies I've spoken to seemed a bit perplexed that I was actually concerned about the amount of time he would spend in his crate. I thought I'd flag this up in a post so hopefully it informs others of the issue.

    Also perhaps if enough people start asking this question then it may put pressure on companies to reconsider how they handle pets.