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Miniature Bull Terrier To Dusseldorf Germany?

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  • Miniature Bull Terrier To Dusseldorf Germany?

    I'm planning to move to Dusseldorf from US this summer with my miniature bull terrier. At first I was told by a vet that does a lot of German dog shipments that my dog is banned from entering Germany.

    But then I checked German wikipedia,which says mini bulls are distinct breed and not banned and noticed that Lufthansa pet transport info webpage says after Bull Terriers that miniature bull terriers are not fighting dogs. Contacting German Customs, they just said they only enforce laws but don't interpret and would consult ultimately the state vet. Dusseldorf State vet says ok as long as dog has official kennel club pedigree papers (he does) that certify he is of miniature bull terrier breed.

    Should I still expect problems with German customs when I arrive and they see the "bull terrier" part instead of the "miniature" part of the breed name? Anything that helps clarify with customs in this case? Want to make sure my dog is not impounded when he arrives.

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    Re: Miniature Bull Terrier To Dusseldorf Germany?

    If you have confirmation from the State Vet in writing, then be sure and bring that with you as well as breed papers. When your vet completes the Annex IV form, be sure and include "Miniature" next to the word "Bull Terrier". You will also have to have the Annex IV and the APHIS 7001 form endorsed by the USDA, so you should touch base with them due to the fact that you only have 10 days before traveling to get the forms endorsed. (don't know where your State USDA office is.) If you are not comfortable with all your documentation, would suggest that you have an agent clear your pet through customs.


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      Re: Miniature Bull Terrier To Dusseldorf Germany?

      Thank you for the suggestions. I'm just beginning to look into how best to manage but having an agent to help clear may indeed be best for this situation. My confirmation was written email response from the state vet in Dusseldorf, who wrote back in German, but translate approx as stated below. Would presume this email in German with NRW state vet name/contact would be sufficient?

      Animal disease control;
      Animals in travel
      here: import a dog from the USA (private travel, Miniature Bull Terrier)
      Reference: your e mail from
      Dear Cecil,
      According to § 2 para. 1 Hundeverbringungs- and -einfuhrbeschränkungsgesetz of 12 April 2001 (BGBl. I, p 530) should the breeds Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Bull Terrier, and their intersections with each other or with other dogs not be imported or brought into the country.
      The Miniature Bull Terrier currently applies in NRW as a separate breed, as an independent FCI breed standard exists.
      Please note, however, that in this case a decline over several generations clearly documented pedigree /
      May submit a pedigree certificate must, its exhibitors an umbrella organization belongs to the Kennel Club and the governing body has confirmed the authenticity of the evidence.