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Puppy from LAX to Dubai

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  • Puppy from LAX to Dubai

    An email from a very relieved pet traveler:

    It started from DXB to LAX TO purchase a puppy that we fell in love with on
    a web site. We kept her with us the whole 2 months in California. On our
    journey back to Dubai we reached LAX with the puppy to bring her home. As
    she was a registered as an emotional support puppy. She had all the
    injections required. Once we arrived at LAX they turned us down because on
    Emirates Air they don't allow animals to fly in the cargo due to the long
    journey.. Which we informed we could bring her along with us in our flight
    home. So I left my daughter with her puppy and returned home to Dubai..
    Waiting for my daughter to send her by cargo on another airlines. Now our
    puppy was on her way to her new family in Dubai only to be rejected once
    again for not having her blood test. We always bring pets from the state
    and we never knew they changed the regulations for the USA. We were
    devastated when I went to pick her up and discover we were missing a
    document that shows we took her blood to be sure she did not have rabies...
    Then The Dr in UAE informed us she could not enter and we had 48 hours to
    either send her back (with no family there to pick her up) or put her to
    sleep. I was shocked and started crying and reached out to anyone who could
    help us.. I asked around and nobody could and we would have to decide. From
    word of mouth and by Our prayers a very nice Sheikh from Dubai got a hold of
    this story and immediately took action. We were able to save our puppy and
    she was delivered to our home.. We can't thank enough the people who
    reached out and went out of their way to help us. Sheikh was for sure a
    big animal lover. I just wish I would of read more into this before I
    transferred my puppy. I help so many people in this life and this was a
    blessing for Sheikh to help us. Thank you Sheikh for your help. I will be
    sure to advise anyone on this new law that took effect the end of February
    and we were already in Los Angeles at that time. I am so happy and so very
    thankful we have our new addition to the family. I also thank Phil for
    helping us in this matter with his great advise.


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    Re: Puppy from LAX to Dubai

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