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Importanting an ill cat

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  • Importanting an ill cat

    My wife will be immigrating from Japan to the US in a few months and she would like to bring her cat Matsu with her. We are both worried about this cat because he has stomatitis, which is basically gum disease in a cat. She tries to treat it the best she can but the cat is always drooling some pretty rancid smelling saliva and he is not the cleanest cat as a result of this problem.

    My wife and I have tried calling a pet transport company in Japan (not helpful at all), the US Embassy (the wrong place to call), and the airlines. The airlines tried to be helpful but they really couldn't give us an answer. What I would like to know is can we import this cat? If we can what do we need to do so. Finally, is there a possibility that this cat will be stopped at customs and destroyed? It is my wife and I's biggest fear and we would be devastated if we did this to our wonderful cat.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    The US does not quarantine healthy pets. Unless the cats mouth problem is a disease that is communicable to humans you would not have a problem. The US is concerned that your pet has been vaccinated for rabies, is free of parasites such as fleas and ticks and is free of diseases communicable to humans. The country you are coming from is not a screwworm infected country so that is not an issue. If you need the complete instructions and the US health certificate visit [url][/url] and then click on Pet Passports.


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      Thanks for the reply that helps me out a lot