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Traveling with Akita from Japan to Ohio, USA

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  • Traveling with Akita from Japan to Ohio, USA

    I have no experience traveling with an animal before. We're coming from an air base in Japan and moving back home. I had a couple concerns about air travel.
    My dog gets very nervous if he is away from me for a long period of time. He is prone to stress induced diarrhea. What happens if my dog shows up at the Seattle air port and he has soiled himself and his crate? Is there an area for me to clean him and the crate? Will they quarantine him if the mess is bad? Is there any medication I can give him to prevent him from getting diarrhea?
    Do I take my dog to bagage check or is there a specific place I have to go to where they will take him to prepare him for the flight?
    I am so new to this and very nervous. Please answer my questions.

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    Re: Traveling with Akita from Japan to Ohio, USA

    Hello - you need to speak with your veterinarian regarding your pet's tendencies when it is nervous. There may be a medication that they can prescribe that will help. Be sure and keep the food intake reduced for at least a day if not two prior to the flight. Hopefully, your pet is crate trained. Spend as must time working on this as you possibly can prior to the trip.

    If your pet is flying as checked baggage, you will check it in at the ticket counter. If your pet is traveling as manifest cargo, you need to drop it off at the airline's cargo facility.