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Travelling with four cats from Mexico to Spain

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  • Travelling with four cats from Mexico to Spain

    I am searching for how to get our four cats from Mexico to Spain. If necessary I can drive them through to the US to get on a plane. I sent them from Jakarta to Canada with KLM as manifest. It was, as far as I could tell, a good trip for them and they were wonderfully looked after by KLM through the transfers.
    Now I need to get them to Europe. I think I have to put them as manifest as no airlines I can find will let me bring this many pets..usually one pet per passenger? I cannot afford KLM for myself and my son so can I send the pets manifest with KLM from Mexico City or Houston? Last time I had a pet carrier help me and the cost from Indonesia was not so high but now I think I have to arrange this myself...could anybody give me advice on this or help?
    Thank You

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    Re: Travelling with four cats from Mexico to Spain

    The regulations are the same to enter Spain whether you are traveling from the US or Mexico, however some airlines will require that an agent book the transport out of Mexico. However, if you do not travel with your cats, it will considered a commercial transport by the EU and the rules are different and a bit more challenging. Is there a possibility that you and your son can arrange to travel within 5 days of your cats? If so, you can travel under the Pet Travel Scheme which is much easier.