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Dog travelling from haiti to sweden

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  • Dog travelling from haiti to sweden

    Hi, I'm travelling from Haiti to Sweden in a couple of months with my 13 kg. pet dog (a dog I rescued from the street two years ago; in fact she took shelter in my house).

    She was microchiped in sept. 2014, has all the papers, vet certificate, rabbies and the test etc.

    There seems to be no airline that provides the service in the three flights Haiti USA - USA EU continent - and then to Sweden.

    Is it safe to change airlines ? Any experience about that? I'm very worried, in fear of booking a flight (and its connections) that may cause me problems...

    Is for exemple AA + Iberia a good idea to get from Haiti to Stockholm?

    Thanks a lot

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    Re: Dog travelling from haiti to sweden

    Hi Hernan - if you are going to change airlines, the US is a good place to do it. The US will require that your pet have proof of rabies vaccination at least 30 days prior to entry and a health certificate in English issued within 10 days of travel. Your pup will also need a screw worm inspection between one and five days of entry (get that from your vet). If you have the proper documentation, clearance should not be a problem. We like AA + Lufthansa through Frankfurt. There should be enough time to clear customs in MIA and recheck on Lufthansa. Iberia may be just as good. You are certainly on the right track with your thinking. As you will need to change airlines, the US is a good place to do it.