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Old Deaf Dog Traveling In-cabin on long International Flight - Need Advice

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  • Old Deaf Dog Traveling In-cabin on long International Flight - Need Advice

    I am getting ready to move from South Korea back to the United States this summer. I have 2 Toy Poodles that are 14.5 years old. They are now both deaf and one is almost blind as well. I plan on traveling with them in the cabin because the blind dog also has diabetes, cushings disease, and seizures; and needs to be monitored. The cushings disease has really changed her personality over this last year and she is very active compared to her previous personality. She acts like she is no longer crate trained, and has a hard time settling down to rest when a lot of things are going on. I am in the process of trying to retrain her in the crate. I tried to give her Rescue Remedy today to calm her down, but it did not do anything. She continually scratched at the door and sides of the crate and would not lay down. She has ruined the zippers on 2 crates now. I am concerned that she will not settle down on the flight, which is about an 11-13 hour trip. She is also too old to put to sleep for the flight. I don't want her upset and disturbing other people and need some ideas or advice. Does anyone know of a remedy that is safe for an older dog to calm them down during long flights? When I moved overseas 2 years ago, both of my dogs could hear and see; so I used my voice to calm them down. This time, I can't use my voice to calm them down and sooth them. I read that putting a shirt of mine in the crate might help to comfort them. I would really appreciate any suggestions or ideas!!!


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    Re: Old Deaf Dog Traveling In-cabin on long International Flight - Need Advice

    Cdmtooth - it is difficult to travel with older pets that have physical disabilities. If, once airborne, you take the carrier and put it in your lap and hug and stroke your pet, will it calm down? We would suggest that you get a window seat away from flight attendants and other people so that you can attend to your pet. At some point, they should settle down when they are so physically near you. We carry natural pet calmers in our store and maybe you can find something like that in South Korea. Research natural herbs and perhaps you can mix them with cheese as a treat. Obviously, you need to speak with your vet about this. Practice this at home when watching television. Sit in a chair and put them in their carrier then in your lap. Do this night after night for as long as it takes. Hold them tight so they can't scratch. Sure hope this helps.