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two cats from us to the philippines

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  • two cats from us to the philippines

    I have two cats that are my boys.I have had them for over five husband is from the philippines he wants me to move with him there i told him only if i can take my cats with us iam kinda is a long flight and i dont know if they can handle it. i want to have them on the flight with us where i can see them.and make sure they will be ok.has anyone done this before?how did it turn out?

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    Becuase of the length of the flight I do not think you will find an airline that will allow them in the cabin of the aircraft. They would travel in a special section of the cargo department as checked baggage where the temperature and pressure is kept the same as in the cabin. The Philippines also requires that you obtain an import permit in advance of arrival.



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      Re: two cats from us to the philippines

      i do agree with jerry..