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Moving ny cat from Thailand to Germany...

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  • Moving ny cat from Thailand to Germany...

    Hello... I'm moving back to Germany this summer, and I really wanna take my cat with me. She is one year old and has all vacinations done already.

    Would be great to get in contact with somebody who has experience moving a pet from Asia to Germany.
    And maybe an adress in Thailand from a pet doctor or labor to do the testing.

    I know I need a rabies antibody test, vacination, microchip and her passport. Anything else?

    Thanks for your help )

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    Re: Moving ny cat from Thailand to Germany...

    Tao - the requirements must be done in order...microchip first, then rabies vaccination, then 30 day wait, then titer test, sample sent to approved lab, then 3 months later, an Annex IV for Germany. Aside from any export requirements that your country may have, you are good to go. Can't recommend a vet in Thailand; maybe contact your local licensing office and ask.