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Travel Buddy Wanted: Mexico in a van with a Mexican dog :)

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  • Travel Buddy Wanted: Mexico in a van with a Mexican dog :)

    Im also travelling in Mexico with a lovely mexican dog in my caminoneta (car/van). He was rescued from a previous farm where he was very mistreated. He is actually the best-behaved dog in the world. Doesnt bark or show any aggression, though he hides under the car when he sees puppies and drunk men. He always does exactly as hes told, and follows us everywhere.

    Looking for a travel buddy who also has a dog and is needing a ride to places. The back of my camioneta is a bed which sleeps 2 people comfortably, and maybe can even fit a 3rd person. So we have our own moving castle It saves a lot of money on paying for hostels etc.

    Im a bit low on cash because of a van-sale problem in Australia, so Im looking for someone who is travelling with a dog who needs a vehicle but doesnt want to commit to buying one to travel with - someone who is happy to pay for the fuel costs so they can save money on buying a vehicle.

    Ive been in Mexico for around 1.5 months with my partner, who is going home in 11 Jan. I have mostly been in Yucatan. but would like to travel more in Southern Mexico, before going down to do the rest of Central America and South America. I dont speak much Spanish, pero estoy aprendiendo.

    My dog sleeps at the end of the bed I also have a 2 person tent you can borrow if you prefer not to sleep in the car.

    "Happiness is only real when shared"!