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Aussie is going to Turkey

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  • Aussie is going to Turkey

    I am writing this message because I need to know if my dog must wait to be quarantined for Turkey. I am hoping not. She will be getting her microchip and rabies on Friday November 14 2014. Can she leave to Turkey from the United States by January 28 2015? Or must she wait longer? Is there any way that she may spend some of her quarantined time in Turkey, rather than waiting in the US while I am in Turkey?

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    Re: Aussie is going to Turkey

    Hello - Turkey considers every country in the world to have the same standing as far as rabies are concerned. The rules state that your pet must be microchipped, then vaccinated for rabies, then wait 30 days, then have a Blood Titer Test, then wait 3 months prior to entering the country. They will also need a health certificate issued shortly prior to travel. We have heard that home quarantine is an option but cannot get official confirmation on that. You may want to contact the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock or the Turkish Embassy in Australia and inquire.