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Breed restrictions for mutts?

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  • Breed restrictions for mutts?

    I have two fur babies. One is a Visla Hound and I've never see restrictions for him. The other is a lab/ Pitt mix, basically a mutt. He has the body of a lab, the head is kinda both with his ears being more pit, and a reddish nose like a red nosed pit. So could I get away with this by just marking him as a mutt? He's the biggest baby ever and doesn't have an aggressive bone in his body. I hate these stupid restrictions in certain breeds because we all know smaller breeds are actually more aggressive, their bites just aren't as bad.... I really don't want to move if I can't take my babies.... Anyone ever have experience with this? Looking at Thailand right now if that helps.

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    Re: Breed restrictions for mutts?

    Your vet would refer to your lab cross as a "mixed breed" on the health certificate. Any information from the source where you got him would also be helpful if it referred to him as a mixed breed. Disposition at customs clearance would be considered as well as physical appearance. You may consider carrying images of pure breds that would display the differences. There is no way of knowing how the agent at customs will enforce the regulation. You may want to post it as a Facebook question at the bottom of this page: