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  • To ship or not to ship?

    Hi all,

    I have a troubling dilemma that I am hoping other can shed some light on. I will be relocating my family from Europe to N. America and I am debating taking our little Jack Russell. Of course I assume all responsibility for my pet and would like her to come with us, but I am worried that I will be putting her through undue hardship and stress through the journey. There is also the high possibility that she will die en route. My dog is very attached to us and would be highly stressed during the entire trip. I don't know if I can put her threw that traumatic experience. I would prefer to find a suitable home for her and leave her behind. Of course, there are other worries with doing this. She may not be treated properly or she may escape and be left wandering around all alone. This thought is also just as troubling. Of course, there is also the possibility that with a new home she will get more attention and affection. We have just had a baby and unfortunately have not been able to give our pup the attention she needs.

    Many pros and cons of course which is why the decision is difficult. I would appreciate some of your insights.

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    Re: To ship or not to ship?

    Hello - this is a personal decision you must make, but there are some questions worth considering. Could her size afford her the opportunity to travel in the cabin? This is always the best option, but not available if she is too big. If she has to travel in the hold, this makes things a bit more difficult, but thousands of pet owners do this safely with their pets every year. As a pet owner, it would be your responsibility to prepare her for the trip. (get the crate early and train her to like being inside of it - take her outside of her environment in the crate, etc.) If she is not prepared, she will suffer more. You should also talk to your vet about a calmer, be it all-natural or a mild sedative, to calm her anxiety. If she has health issues, then that is one thing. But if she is a healthy dog, the chances of her dieing en route are not significant, especially if she is properly prepared.

    Every person can approach your issue differently. A new baby is certainly demanding, but not all encompassing. Dogs will relish every bit of attention they can get and love you for it. And Jacks are very intelligent and loyal. Again, personal decision and I don't know all the details that are influencing your decision, but I would not let a plane ride or a new addition to the household be grounds for leaving my dog behind. Giving her up would be riskier than what you are facing. Just my opinion.