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Travel with my 2 cats to India from USA

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  • Travel with my 2 cats to India from USA

    I am interested in moving to India next year. I have lived in USA for 13 years now. The last time I visited India was in 2013 for a week. I am a US citizen and have the overseas citizen of India card (OCI card).
    My father is not doing well.

    1. I may have to make a short trip of 2 weeks this year and finally move next year. Will I have any problems in transporting my 2 cats? I understand that 2 Years prior to moving date is considered.
    2. How many visits can we make within 2 years from complete relocation?
    3. I may move back to USA after 1 or 2 years of staying in India, will that be fine as they say we can transport our pets if we "transfer for good"
    4. Will I have to give up my US citizenship to transfer to India for 2 years with my cats?
    5. I have heard about the DGFT license and where can I apply for it.

    I will appreciate any advice from you.
    Thanks a million.